A Predictable Coda to the Jeremy Hill Case

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Wendy Olson, the “Justice” Department’s commissarina for legal affairs in Idaho, has dropped criminal charges against Jeremy Hill, the heroic father who shot and killed a grizzly bear that threatened his family. This wasn’t done in recognition of Jeremy Hill’s innocence, or as a gesture of supposed clemency (which isn’t necessary, since Hill didn’t commit a crime). Instead, it was a successful act of extortion: As part of a deal, Hill agreed his actions violated a regulation of the Endangered Species Act against removing “nuisance” bears and paid a $1,000 fine.

Hill, a young father of six who is a man of limited means,  explained that he paid the extortion demand in order “to avoid putting my family through the emotional strain and the cost of a trial. I am glad this issue has been resolved out of court, and I am looking forward to putting this unfortunate incident behind me.”

This is exactly the resolution that had been sought by Idaho Governor C.L. “Butch” Otter, who advised Interior Secretary Ken Salazar that “There is great public outcry about this issue, and prosecution may further damage community support for recovery efforts.” On this construction the important thing is not to protect Hill’s rights, but to preserve the supposed legitimacy of the totalitarian Endangered Species Act.

Otter had the duty to interpose on behalf of Hill and his family, rather than aiding and abetting the Regime’s assault on an innocent citizen of Idaho. This case is the latest one to illustrate that in dealing with the Feds, Butch is actually more of a “Nelly”: For the purposes of image maintenance, Otter likes to dress up like a cowboy and recite tough-guy rhetoric about “nullification” — until we get down to cases and somebody’s rights are actually assaulted by the Leviathan. If Otter were any part of the man he pretends to be, he would use his office to rid Idaho of “nuisance” federal prosecutors.

8:55 am on September 8, 2011