A North American Union Just Got One Step Closer

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Here’s the latest One World Government propaganda release from the Department of War Defense called “Inaugural Meeting of North American Defence [sic] Ministers [sic] Joint Statement.” (Why is “Defence” spelled the British way instead of the American way, “Defense”? I realize that the British Royal Family is in cahoots with the Banksters’ plan for a One World Government, but that British spelling from a release by the U.S. Department of Defense is pretty obnoxious. And why “Ministers”? Perhaps this release was written by a Canadian. If so, a release from a department of the U.S. government should make that explicit.)

The stated goals of the British Royals/Banksters “Ministers” :

  • Develop a joint trilateral defense threat assessment for North America to deepen our common understanding of the threats and challenges we face. [i.e., how many more false flag “terrorist” attacks they can create and then “save” the sheeple from in order to beg for a One World Government]
  • Explore ways to improve our support to the efforts of civilian public security agencies in countering illicit activities in our respective countries and the hemisphere, such as narcotics trafficking. [There’s that perennial big government favorite: drug prohibition.]
  • Explore how we can collaborate to increase the speed and efficiency with which our armed forces support civilian-led responses to disasters. [Oh, sure. Government support is going to try to be an added “plus” for a civilian, i.e., private sector, response. How’s that efficient armed forces 10+ years war going in Afghanistan?]
  • Continue to work together to strengthen hemispheric defence [sic] forums.

[Thanks to Eric Morris]

10:32 pm on March 27, 2012