A New Low?

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The lack of decency demonstrated by this post by professional Ron Paul smearer Jamie Kirchick — in which he attempts to tie Pat Buchanan, Ron Paul (who, we are told, is a “more extreme version of Buchanan”), and the Old Right to the Holocaust Museum shooter — is amazing, even by New Republic standards.

Not only does Kirchick grossly mischaracterize the libertarian Ron Paul and his beliefs, he also gets his conservative history wrong.  National Review did not purge racists in the 1950s, as he suggests.  Instead, National Review supported racial segregation — not just federalism, but the segregation itself, because whites were, in the words of a 1957 NR editorial, the “advanced race.” So National Review was fine with racism. What it really had a problem with — and what Kirchick and TNR really have a problem with — were people such as Murray Rothbard, who favored a foreign policy of peace.

9:09 am on June 12, 2009