A New Idea For A New Year !!

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Gary Hart offered “news ideas” in 1988… The RNC will look into it in 2009… but wait!

Look no further!

It’s here — the new idea has arrived — and it’s SOCIALISM !!

The problem? Corporations! They are not subservient to the state, and they intrude into our lives.

The answer? The STATE !! It will be subservient to **us**, and Leviathan won’t intrude into our lives at all !! Hey, seriously, this could really start a trend!

Chris Hedges explains this revelatory insight further, in Why I Am A Socialist:Corporations have intruded into every facet of life. We eat corporate food. We buy corporate clothes. We drive corporate cars. We buy our vehicular fuel and our heating oil from corporations. We borrow from corporate banks. We invest our retirement savings with corporations. We are entertained, informed and branded by corporations. We work for corporations. The creation of a mercenary army, the privatization of public utilities and our disgusting for-profit health care system are all legacies of the corporate state. These corporations have no loyalty to America or the American worker. They are not tied to nation states. They are vampires.

11:03 am on December 31, 2008