Another First Step in US Government Tyranny Has Been Taken

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It was just last Thursday, May 12, that posted an article on how the United States will follow the examples of the governments of Argentina, Hungary, and Ireland by going after private retirement funds as a new robbery revenue source.

Today there is a news story that the United States Secretary Treasury Geithner announced “that he will halt investments in two big government pension plans so the government can continue to borrow money.” Though this is only involving public pensions for the moment, rest assured that this is the first small step in tyranny that will sooner than later be followed by the United States government announcing that it will either start taxing private retirement funds like 401Ks and IRAs or demand that private retirement funds set aside a small portion of their capital to purchase government bonds in order to pay down the federal debt.

The government gave, and the government will taketh away.

11:38 am on May 16, 2011