A New Era of Responsibility Enabling Freeloaders

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I love the New York Post.

Emblazoned on every page of President Obama’s budget are the words: “A New Era of Responsibility.”

That would be a responsibility for you to fork over more taxes.

That would be a responsibility for your company to pay even higher taxes.

That would be a responsibility for you to foot the bill for one of the largest expansions of government welfare in history.

Obama’s budget schemes to drain staggering amounts of money from people who worked for it and steer it to people who didn’t.

This isn’t the free market. It’s the freeloader market.

Obama, a Communist, has long admitted his desire to take from the will-dos and give to the do-nots. Note the writer’s very well-placed point about the Pell Grant program becoming an untouchable welfare entitlement. Of course, at a time when the college degree bubble is going “pop” and sinking people into lifelong debt and despair, Obama wants to prolong and enlarge the bubble so that those who are objectively unqualified to study at college can go anyways, courtesy of the taxpayers “who can afford it.” Obama’s “era of responsibility” is an insult to every dictionary ever printed. It’s the “era of theft and redistribution” – productive people are expected to cooperate with and like the Obama administration’s plan to empower the lower classes, enrich the parasites, and start a race war. Thanks to John Waring for the tip.

11:10 am on March 1, 2009