A Neocon Club Against Ron Paul

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The neocon Club for Growth promotes executive power and Fed bailouts for Wall Street. Like its neocon ally, the Wall Street Journal, it opposes Ron Paul.

One anti-Paul smear these two outfits are using is “earmarks.” Why are these allocations, which do not increase federal spending, disliked by all the neocons? Because they allow pork decisions to be made by Congress rather than the presidency.

The presidency, the locus of all taxing, regulating, warmaking, and police state operations, is the main threat we face. But the neocons love it and promote it (the “unitary executive”). Thus their hatred of such things as Congressional earmarking, and their demonization of Ron Paul, the great opponent of presidential dictatorship.

Constitutionally, pork decisions are supposed to be Congress’s. So Ron Paul supports the legislature as versus the executive bureaucracy. Of course, Ron votes against all pork spending on final passage. And again, earmarks–even if they stand–do not increase spending; they only allocate it. It’s a separation of powers question.

Ron Paul opposes the entire neocon agenda of executive supremacy, centralization, Fed bailouts, and perpetual war. So expect more distortions from the “big-government conservatives.”

8:32 am on August 21, 2007