A Modest Proposal

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One of Rand the Policy Wonk’s suggestions for “improving” the unimprovable TSA is handing its leeches a further $5,000 — yes, I’m not making this up — in “Passenger Privacy Protection Awards” for “the most innovative idea to—

Hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!! Whew! I haven’t laughed this hard since Obummer convinced the morons among us that forcing Americans to buy medical insurance somehow strikes a blow against Big Insurance. “Passenger Privacy Protection Awards” for thugs who are in the business of rifling our underwear and groping our junk! Who knew Rand owned such an exquisite sense of irony?

OK, where was I? Said awards will go to “workers [sic for ‘perverts and busybodies’] for the ‘most innovative idea to improve the privacy of passengers.’” Boy, this just gets better and better! Innovation! From bureaucrats!

May I modestly propose myself, a “worker” who actually works, as the first recipient of that largesse? And here’s my suggestion, by far the best at preserving not only passengers’ privacy but liberty and the Constitution, too: ABOLISH THE TSA.

5:04 am on June 21, 2012