A Lovely Response

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My blog of yesterday [Re: Herr Panetta’s Diktat] brought the following e-mail response from Fr. Seraphim Bell, Chairman of the Department of Missionary Work, of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia:

“I was interested in your post on the Lew Rockwell site about the White Rose  movement. It is very timely for many reasons. You might be interested to know that this weekend in Berlin, Alexander Schmorell, one of the five students who formed the White Rose movement, is being canonized as a martyred saint by the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia. Together with his friend, Hans Scholl, Alexander wrote the fifth leaflet “Aufruf an alle Deutschen!” (Appeal to all Germans!)”

E-mails rarely bring tears to my eyes, but this one did. I wish that I had the time and the money to fly to Berlin for this weekend.

12:11 pm on February 1, 2012