A Lobotomized Culture

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Today’s 6-7% declines on foreign stock markets should cause the MSM to contemplate their broader, worldwide implications. The only presidential candidate who is addressing the issue of the systemic causes of the incipient recession/depression is Ron Paul. So, the MSM will be falling all over one another to interview him for his insights, right? No, today’s television news reports are focused on how 2% Rudy Giuliani expects to do in the upcoming elections (forgetting that Ron has bested him in the voting thus far, and that even the Republican Party apparently can’t stomach Benito’s brand of fascism)! For a follow-up, the media has given us the information for which all lobotomized Americans yearn: actor Chuck Norris’ comparative assessments of John McCain and Mike Huckabee! Wonderful! Shall we next hear from PeeWee Herman, Jerry Springer, and the team of Beavis and Butthead, as they take turns weighing in on the pressing issues of the day?

When I was growing up, there was a pure nonsense radio program called “It Pays to Be Ignorant.” I used to think it went off the air, but I was wrong. Instead, it has metastasized into television and provides yet another symptom of a society in a terminal state.

11:08 am on January 21, 2008