A Little More on the Debate

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At one point I actually asked my wife if she thought the point of this debate was to make people change the channel (and tune out of politics altogether) out of boredom, though of course CNN presumably wants good ratings, so I didn’t know quite what to think.

A friend whose judgment I trust wrote to say as follows: Ron did just fine, and while we’d all like to be able to hear from him more in these debates, his limited presence is not entirely bad — if anything, it makes his pungent remarks all the more memorable.

Finally, from Stephen Fairfax, who followed the discussion on CNN’s site:“I note over 2,000 comments here, nearly all of them highly critical of CNN in general and Anderson Cooper in particular. I added a few choice words of my own last night, nothing even as provocative as what you quoted in the blog, but they were deleted by the “moderator.” If CNN is willing to post 2,000+, I wonder just how many negative comments they have actually received?

“I’m done with CNN; if I can find a list of firms who support this outrageous insult to viewers, I’ll vote with my wallet.”

11:00 am on January 31, 2008