A List of Firsts, Thanks to Ron Paul

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Chris Rhoades brings to my attention a comment posted in response to this article. It follows:

Almost everyone I know, who heard of the actual Ron Paul message (and not the crap Fox labels him), has become an avid Ron Paul supporter.

I have done a lot of firsts since I learned about Ron Paul.
1-For the first time ever, I donated money to a politician.
2-For the first time ever, I called in to a radio show to voice my opinion about a candidate, didn’t get on…but still for someone who isn’t a fan of phone calls that was a big feat for me.
3-For the first time ever, I actually got involved in the grass roots effort.
4-For the first time ever, I actually believe a politician.
5-For the first time ever, I will vote in the primaries.
6-For the first time ever, I actually bring up politics, just so that I can tell more people about RP.
7-For the first time ever, I’ve spent my free time looking for new appearances by the politician online.
8-For the first time ever, I feel good about my vote.

And thats the case for many of Ron Paul supporters…his message resonates with the disenfranchised voter(you know that 50% of the country that doesn’t turn out to vote)…and since we realize that this country is screwed if we don’t get him elected, we change parties, just to be able to vote for him in the primaries.

So don’t discount Ron Paul yet…even if he ends up with 5% in the polls, he can still win the primaries, because his supporters will actually go out and vote

Andrew, NJ (Sent Monday, July 23, 2007 5:24 PM)

9:59 am on July 24, 2007