A Lie A Day from the TSA

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Today’s falsehood, uttered without shame, fear or even the hint of a blush: “’All of TSA’s policies and procedures comport with the law and the Constitution,’ TSA said.

I quadruple-guarantee that every single passenger can cite a bewildering array of policies and procedures in direct violation of the Constitution – even if clowns in gowns can’t.

The TSA issued this whopper in reference to Mr. Godiva, a.k.a. John Brennan, the gentleman who stripped at Portland’s airport in protest of the TSA’s anti-Fourth Amendment search and who is now suffering the vengeance of the agency as it seeks to steal $1000 from him. In fact, the TSA continued after its line above with this gem, proving that not only its policies and procedures but its very existence violate the Constitution: “The civil penalty process [which has ensnared Mr. Brennan] is administrative in nature and it is distinct and separate from the criminal process.”

The “administrative” “civil penalty process” refers to the bureaucratic regime and its in-house kangaroo courts, in which citizens who anger an agency are punished without any semblance of justice or the protections of “real” courts. Progressives established this totalitarian scheme in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and they were not only vocal but very clear that their purpose was to circumvent and overturn the Constitution — regardless of what lies to the contrary the TSA tells.

4:42 am on May 14, 2013