A Liberty Candidate for Governor of New Hampshire?

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It appears that Ian Freeman, of the Free State Project and Free Keene, will be running for governor of New Hampshire, challenging incumbent Democrat Gov. Maggie Hassan. Freeman promises to pardon all those convicted of victimless “crimes,” advocates that New Hampshire secede from the U.S., and wants to make ballot access more “fair.” He is apparently of the “New Hampshire Liberty Party,” not the Libertarian Party. (Whew — THAT was a close one!)

I’m all for states seceding and this whole U.S. territory completely decentralizing. But Freeman seems to want “across-the-board” equal ballot access as far as petition signature and fee requirements. In my view, ballot access means that every one has a right to access the ballot, no petition signatures, no fees. “But the ballots would be cluttered with hundreds of names!” Yeah, so? They seemed to deal with that back in 2003 during the California recall election with 135 candidates on the ballot, and they still elected another moron to be governor.

1:31 pm on June 14, 2014