A Libertarian in Haiti

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In response to my article against the US military going to Haiti, I received the following note from a libertarian in Haiti and am posting it with his permission as I received it:

People writing articles dealing with military issues always avoid taking positions from a basic principles standpoint. You are an exception to the rule. As the head of the only libertarian organisation in Haiti, I oppose war on a non-aggression principle, view military intervention with skepticism, and raise doubt about nation building adventures. I have been witnessing and experiencing the natural calamity of an earth quake and the collapse of a state with its consequences first hand since Tuesday. It is not easy to fathom. I find myself in an awkward situation of seeking justification outside my libertarian framework for a complex and humanitarian phenomenon. Still, I don’t back away from my longing for a free society based on legitimate property rights. The next few weeks are going to be very difficult. Still, I will spend my time explaining to people that the real cause of this catastrophe is a lack of rule of  law and a total disregard for life and private property rights AND THE FINAL SOLUTION LIES IN A LIMITED STATE.


2:41 pm on January 17, 2010