A Lesson of TWA 800 and al-Qaeda

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I believe a missile brought down TWA 800, and I believed that at the time based on eyewitness accounts and the proximity of armed force maneuvers. At any rate, if ground to air missiles get into the hands of terrorists, they can bring down airliners and cause a lot of grief. Arming bands of rebels in Africa and the Middle East creates forces of men accustomed to using violence and ready to inflict it. They are not being armed with ground to air missiles, of course, but the formation of organizations built around war and violence lays the foundation for future acquisition and use of such weapons. This is how al-Qaeda was started in Afghanistan. These organizations become long-lived and develop a violent culture. Therein lies the long-term danger. This is a lesson unlearned by the U.S. government, which by its organizational nature doesn’t really care about such consequences.

8:22 am on July 5, 2013