A Laugh A Minute ….

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That’s Washington, all right — look at this whopper, courtesy of the Heritage Foundation, which will bring you none other than the classic neocon Victor Davis Hanson to talk about — Liberty!

Now I don’t know why they have to cart this guy in all the way from
Mexifornia when Ed Feulner can lean out his Heritage office window and shout — well, maybe make a local call — to Ron Paul’s office (hint: 202-225-3121) and ask the expert about liberty. I mean, isn’t that what think tanks are all about — expertise?

Since Dr. Paul is a modest man, perhaps he wouldn’t object to appearing with Hanson so the program will provide at least one advocate of liberty, and not just a droning advocate of its continuing destruction.

Here, in the stumbling prose of the blind man groping for an understanding of the light of liberty, is Heritage’s intro to Hanson’s talk. (Sorry, Ed, it’s our anniversary, please accept our regrets).

>>Since September 11, 2001, it has become popular to suggest that our liberties have been gratuitously trampled upon, out of either political expediency or false worries about foreign and domestic terrorists. In fact, while it is often difficult for an American to cite specific ways in which he is less free, it is easy, on the other hand, to identify loss of freedom of expression in the West – in a variety of media that touch on questions of Islam, from film and fiction to cartoons and papal speeches – brought on by self-censorship and fear of murderous retaliation.<<

6:54 pm on May 20, 2008