A Host Has Betrayed His Parasite

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John Kerry issued a pronunciamento that Edward Snowden has “betrayed his country.” Of course, as with all officials and their media, by country he meant state. It may be prudent to obey the state, a violent parasite on the individual and society, as it is prudent to obey the mugger. But sometimes a hero is not prudent, and defeats the mugger or the state. But unlike the mugger, the state claims its victims owe it loyalty and obedience for moral reasons. Patriotism, that is. I hope you’ve pledged your allegiance today to the DOD, DOJ, CIA, NSA. DHS, FBI, EPA, and the rest of the alphabet from Hell.

UPDATE from Dave Paradise:

It’s also utterly amazing how completely unhinged the entire state is becoming over one man. This is a complete magnification of the absolute hysteria displayed by the LAPD over Chris Dorner.

7:57 am on June 24, 2013