A Great Victory!

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Ron Paul’s showing at the Iowa Straw Poll was fantastic! 9 Percent in the first major GOP-run event, helping to knock the next candidate into the bin (Tommy Thompson), is clearly a break-out showing. I had predicted 7th place, which I thought would be respectable.

Given that the Paul campaign bought 800 tickets, and that most votes were made by people who had tickets bought for them by the campaigns, 1305 votes is a very good showing.

The four candiates who beat him invested a huge amount in this event, it was make-or-break for all of them. I am sure that when the dollar-per-vote figures come out, Ron Paul will be #1.

Paul supporters should proclaim this victory and I am sure most observers will consider this at least a respectable showing. We need to move on to bigger and better things.

8:35 pm on August 11, 2007