A Golf Tournament or a Police Convention?

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I followed Tiger Woods around for 18 holes this morning at the Honda Classic golf tournament on the Champions Course at PGA National in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.  The average person in the crowd of thousands seemed to be a guy about my age who dragged his wife out on the course for the day.  Not a very “threatening” looking crowd, in other words.   One thing that left a very bad taste in my mouth, however, was the presence of hundreds of police, FBI agents, “private” security guards, and even firemen on segways strolling up and down the sides of the fairways.  Everywhere one went was some jerk in a black uniform staring at about crotch level as though he was expecting you to take a hand grenade out of your shorts at any moment and hurl it at a golfer.  If I was a criminal in Palm Beach, Florida, I would have been a very busy man today since all the cops were apparently on the golf course.

(Tiger shot even par and his playing partner, Dustin Johnson, shot 4 under.  The shot of the day was Tiger taking off his shoes and socks and rolling up his pants to hit a shot out of a lake on the sixth hole to save par).


4:10 pm on February 28, 2013