A Global Force for Sex

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Yet another high-ranking naval officer has been accused of selling classified information for sex. This time it is a Navy commander who was arrested for allegedly providing secret ship movements to Singapore-based contractor Glenn Defense Marine Asia, which used the information to overcharge the Navy for its port services throughout the Asia-Pacific region. According to this article, he received in return $100,000 in cash, ritzy international travel accommodations, and the company of several prostitutes.

Okay, but this is just one man: how can I condemn the whole U.S. Navy, whose motto for those who don’t know is “A Global Force for Good”?

This is why. We are continually bombarded with how members of the military are all heroes, disciplined, role models, and special people. Turns out they are just like us, and many times they are worse.

7:27 am on November 8, 2013