A Glimpse Into the Future?

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“…a 75-year-old woman … single-handedly cut off Internet connections in Georgia and neighbouring Armenia…” as she scavenged for scrap metal. Socialism, and its failed ideas applied in the “recovery” of the modern state of Georgia, brings predictable results. While today privately owned (Linxtelecom out of Amsterdam), the company name “Georgia Railway Telecom” is ominously statist. Closer to home, 100 years of Wilson-FDR-Truman-Bush-Obamism have brought the US economy to this current point of unsustainability, and rapaciously grown the empire through unending executive war. In addition to ancient Rome and modern Greece, might we too see impoverished and corrupt Georgia, led by a Washington Chosen One, as our future?

7:00 am on April 8, 2011