A follow-up to those Tea Parties

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Writes JB in response to this article:

Seems the hypocritical conservatives are at it again in Kentucky.  On Friday night [6/19/09] many of those tea party attending conservatives will be forking over the big bucks for Trey Grayson, who will likely be Rand Paul’s main opponent in the Republican senate primary.  When Rand came to this area to speak, not one local member of the Republican county committee showed up.  Yet when Grayson (a former Democratic delegate for Bill Clinton) shows up, these supposed champions of small government line up to meet him.

Before Rand Paul got the treatment on 6/19, JB had written me earlier about Paul’s treatment in Kentucky:

Well we haven’t been three weeks removed from that GOP pep rally, or Tea Party, where the Republicans told us they were opponents of big government and deficit spending, and the Republicans in Paducah and all across Kentucky are showing their true colors.

Since an AP story mentioned the likelihood Rand Paul was going to seek the Republican Party nomination, the GOP has gone into attack mode.  The same mode we Ron Paul Republicans saw during the convention process.

Rumors of Paul’s candidacy have been circulating for months.  Paul’s anti-tax and fiscal restraint would make him a strong candidate versus the GOP’s preferred nominee, state senate president David Williams.  In the last legislative session, Williams passed four new tax increases, raided the state retirement fund, passed mandatory registration for ATV owners, and helped kill gun rights legislation.

Such a record could never work against a principled opponent of government like Paul, so they now have gotten the secretary of state (a former delegate for Bill Clinton in ’92—turned Republican) to run for the senate seat.  Since the secretary of state has no voting record, they hope to make him appear to be everything a voter can ever want (conservative, moderate, libertarian, etc.)

Of course, him being a former Democrat does not bother the establishment Republicans.  The state Republican Party’s web site has a positive article on their man.  In fact the district chair has taken a swipe at Paul and said he will support his party’s chosen candidate.

10:24 pm on July 1, 2009