A Few Questions

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George Soros is known to help bankroll a lot of politicians who denigrate gold and those that purchase it. (People who buy gold, according to the Soros people, are “whack jobs” and “nut cases.”)

Yet, this is a most interesting piece in Bloomberg that points out that none other than George Soros is buying gold and lots of it. Hmmm, doesn’t Soros believe in those people he funds, like Jim Wallis at Sojourners?

Of course, the worst of the bunch is Warren Buffett, who had his firm, Berkshire-Hathaway, buy lots of shares of Wall Street firms and banks like Goldman-Sachs after things started melting down. And after the purchases, Buffett then lobbied hard for those very firms to get bailout money and lots of it. Contrast Buffett with Jim Rogers, who has done nothing of the sort and who remains a voice of sanity, not outright hypocrisy.

So, does Soros believe his bankrolled politicians are the right people to lead, or are they little more than tools to help Soros become even wealthier? Does Buffett parade the “Buffett Rule” around to cover for his outright howlers when it comes to promoting government to provide him with even more wealth?

1:33 pm on November 20, 2012