A Drone of Your Own!

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Rezwan Ferdaus must not read the right news sources. If he had, he’d have known that the FBI is undercover and busy acting as if they are supplying people like him with bombs and explosives so that they can then arrest these dupes as “terrorists.” The FBI duped him into thinking they’d supply him with C-4 explosives plus a remote-controlled plane! A drone of your own! Courtesy of the FBI! Ferdaus was a physics major, but he apparently didn’t know too much about the shady people (FBI agents) in the arms business. The drug cartels in Mexico are far more knowledgeable in actually laying their hands on the proffered weapons and outwitting the US authorities. I once got a fortune cookie that read “Society creates the crime, the criminal commits it.” Nowadays  “The FBI creates the crime, the FBI-induced dupe commits conspiracy.”

5:03 pm on September 28, 2011