A Distinguished CIA Career, Defended

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Several Asian papers report the June 27 death of Anthony Poshepny, a “decorated, former CIA official who collected enemy ears, dropped decapitated human heads from the air on to communists and stuck heads on spikes . . . after waging failed secret wars in Indonesia, Tibet and Laos” (Bangkok Post). Poshepny’s friend Philip Smith, now of the Center for Public Policy Analysis, has this to say: “He successfully fought terror with terror. He strove to instill courage and respect in the tribal and indigenous forces that he recruited and trained as well as fear in the enemy. In the post-Sept 11th security environment, fearless men like Tony ‘Poe’ are what America needs to combat and counter terrorism and the new unconventional threat that America faces from abroad in exotic and uncharted lands.”

10:53 am on July 8, 2003