A (Dim) Bulb Goes Off in Krugman’s Head

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“Education . . . is no longer the answer to rising inequality,” declares Democratic Party hack/propagandist Paul Krugman.  THE ANSWER, he says, is even heavier taxation of work, savings, investment, production, and entrepreneurship, and more lavish subsidies for welfare parasites.  Taxing the productive to subsidize the unproductive, in other words.

This of course is the identical theme of every single column that Krugman has ever written.  It is a perfect example of a syllogism that Milton Friedman often remarked upon.  The syllogism is this:  1) Socialism has been a disaster wherever it has been implemented; 2) the entire world knows this; 3) therefore, we need more socialism.

In his latest broken-record column Krugman does have a point, but he is in a fog over the reason for the point.  Yes, Paul, the teachers’ unions who are the backbone of your beloved Democratic party have indeed destroyed “public” education which is, by the way, the prototypical socialist enterprise of the type you have been advocating all your adult life.  The socialistic government schooling monopoly has destroyed the lives of millions of children, especially black children who are trapped in violent and useless “inner city” government schools.  The “answer,” Paul, is not throwing more money down that rat hole, or your asinine scheme to punish the productive and subsidize the unproductive.  The first step is for parents to secede from the government brainwashing academies and send their children to private schools or better yet, home schooling.  But of course you would never embrace that since it might mean less political power for the hardcore left in American politics, personified by the greedy and thuggish teachers’ unions.

8:48 am on June 16, 2013