A Dilly of a Paragraph

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Business Week inadvertently and unknowingly summarizes what’s wrong with Amerika’s commercial aviation as well as Leviathan – all in one paragraph and with a little help from its friend, John Pistole, Premier Pervert at the TSA.

Speaking about the agency’s “plans to test using a private vendor next year to expand its expedited-security program [namely, PreCheck] at airports,” Business Week reports, “’Taxpayers aren’t paying, footing the bill on this, and that’s the beauty of it,’ Pistole said in the interview in New Orleans, where he addressed the American Bar Association Aviation Law Forum. ‘It’s really recognizing the strength of private industry to provide a solution that helps a government function.’”

First, imagine a body of law so extensive that an entire “forum” of thugs — who are too snooty to call themselves what they are in fact: a union — is devoted to it. All to tyrannize aviation and its customers. Second, there’s Pistole’s patter about economic fascism, as Our Rulers exploit that “strength” to further oppress us.

2:05 pm on October 27, 2012