A Day In the Life of Romney In Euroland…

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Ha ha! Romney steps into it in London. Panicked Republicans, knowing that they are about to nominate their own John Kerry to take them 0-for-2 since the surprisingly-more-attractive-with-the-passage-of-time George W. Bush, must be in full panic at the meltdown of Plastic Man in what was supposed to be his pre-victory lap abroad. Here are a few highlights:

1) Telling London it is incompetent, sort of, without really explaining his beef with its organization of the upcoming Olympic games:

“It’s hard to know just how well it will turn out,” Romney told NBC News, and he called the late-developing concerns over security staffing “disconcerting”.

Huh? Should we loan them our TSA?

2) Dude, where’s my flag? Here’s what happens when you are out of earshot of your crack team of foreign policy advisers: You wrap incompetence in a kind of bizarre fig leaf of patriotism:

“On the first official day of his six-day overseas tour, Romney declined to answer reporters’ questions about his foreign policy positions , saying he will avoid talking about any policy specifics while he is on foreign soil.”

One could talk about “magic domestic soil” that allows individuals to discuss the rest of the world, but that would be rude.

Poor Henry Kissinger. Listed as a member of Romney’s foreign policy team. How embarrassing. Does anyone besides Henry (and me) miss Nixon?

3) That’s OK, it’s all about the Benjamins — or Pounds Sterling or whatever. Time for a fundraiser…oops:

“He ended the day in a scene that could prove damaging for a candidate sometimes labeled as out of touch. A dinner fundraiser, which raised $2 million, was co-hosted by executives at banks under investigation in London’s rate-fixing scandal.”

Don’t worry, reading his Tweet about “audit the fed” closely you will see no hint of endorsement of the idea: just a recognition of the hard work on the part of the project’s originator. Bernanke himself could have Tweeted as much. So slick.

Does anyone else remember this guy from high school? The senior class president who bluffed his way with smarmy smiles and an apple on the teacher’s desk?

This is surprisingly fun to watch.

7:05 pm on July 26, 2012