A Crunchy Con Is So Ascared of Raw Milk

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Rod Dreher, the leftover Crunchy Con from National Review who now writes for the American Conservative, is ascared of raw milk because the government (the CDC) says we should fear raw milk. I have no idea why this poorly written blog is worth the bandwidth on American Conservative, but Dreher writes:

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reportsthat of 239 hospitalizations caused by tainted dairy products from 1993 through 2006, 202 involved raw milk or raw-milk cheese. Nearly two-thirds of the patients were younger than 20.

Dreher goes on to take a u-turn at the end of the tediously boring blog and notes:

In other news, I don’t believe vaccines cause autism. (Ducking and running…).

In other words, Dreher tales a weak shot, lacking any legitimate ammunition, at all of those “tin foil lunatics” who think on their own and embrace raw milk while, god forbid, rejecting the Government-Medical-Pharmaceutical Complex Vaccination Nation propaganda. The Crunchy Con invokes one case of a person – a child of course – who allegedly got E. coli from raw milk. This one case, that uses a child for the tear factor, is supposed to taint the entire world of raw milk. Dreher chooses to ignore the statistics of people killed or made sick by the government’s pasteurized milk. How convenient.

Author and raw milk advocate Dave Gumpert has shed light on the truth and torn these emotive, non-meaningful anecdotes to shreds. Here is how the CDC has skewed the statistics on raw milk consumption and ensuing illness. Lies, lies, and more lies uncovered by people who dare to critically assess the government’s propaganda. Here’s Dave Gumpert on the CDC lies. Poor Rod Dreher and his hysterical foolishness.

Here is the Harvard Food Law Society debate on raw milk, which includes Gumpert and Sally Fallon Morell from the Weston A. Price Foundation.

7:48 pm on September 26, 2012