A Cop, A Dog, A Gun: Guess The Ending

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A Waldorf, Md., family’s dog was euthanized after a deputy shot the dog outside their house Thursday night. The family says two children were watching, including a 2-year-old who was a foot away from the dog when it was shot.


The homeowner said deputies asked her to put her 2-year-old sheep dog, Dixie, inside the house while they sorted things out. The homeowner complied, but her 2-year-old niece pushed the door open a short time later. Dixie came running out, and the deputy shot the dog, according to an account from the homeowner’s sister.

At least it was the dog and not the 2-year-old who came running out.

Here’s the official explanation: “It is unfortunate that the accidental release of the dog, when a child opened the door, resulted in a situation where an officer felt his safety was threatened.”

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10:42 am on December 5, 2008