A Conservative Nightmare Plan

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I received yet another fundraising e-mail from Jim DeMint of the Heritage Foundation. Here is the entire text:

Dear Laurence:

As a principled conservative, you know how to pare down on expenses when times are lean. You know to tighten your belt to make ends meet. But Washington doesn’t work that way. Congress hikes spending, hikes your taxes to pay for it, and then hikes spending some more. Our government needs a dose of fiscal responsibility. And tomorrow — Tax Day — is our opportunity to send a message. The Heritage Foundation’s Tax Day Money Bomb starts tomorrow. We have set a goal of $150,000. Unlike your tax money, it won’t be wasted. Every penny will go straight to developing and promoting policies like our Saving the American Dream plan, which cuts spending and fixes runaway social programs without raising taxes. Your gift today will give us a head start on our Tax Day Money Bomb. It’s time to get serious about taxes and spending, and we are counting on you to join us. Take a stand and join us for the 2014 Tax Day Money Bomb. We appreciate all you do in the fight for freedom.


Jim DeMint


Since I am serious about taxes and spending, I have analyzed the Heritage “Saving the American Dream” plan. I found it to be a conservative nightmare plan to save the welfare/warfare state. Read my analysis here before you give one dime to the Heritage Foundation.

11:53 am on April 14, 2014