A Colonel’s Response to My Military Article

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Here is something that would make me laugh if it wasn’t so pathetic. In response to my article today, “No, I Have Never Been in the Military,” a “Colonel, USMC (Ret.)” writes: “No, I have never been in the military. I choose to let others fight and die for my freedom because I am a coward and pretend to be noble.” Do I even need to make any comments? Okay, I will make one. No soldier who died in Iraq or Afghanistan (or Vietnam) died for any American’s freedom. They all died in vain and for a lie.

Update: A reader comments: “No, I have never been in the military.  I do not spout canned phrases given to me by my superiors, even at the level of colonel, to justify immoral and aggressive actions that I commit.”

8:41 am on January 29, 2013