A Cessna! Run, Run for Your Lives!

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Two F16 fighter jets—spewing $100 bills confiscated from the tax slaves, as I always imagine it—were “scrambled” in DC yesterday, because a student pilot dared touched the holy air of the Imperial Palace and Temples. He will be “questioned.”

The servants of the god DC always react to a tiny plane or any other “threat” by running here and there and freaking out. As the great Garet Garrett put it in the 30s, Americans exhibit a “complex of fear and vaunting.” That is, “We’re #1!” “We’re the world’s sole superpower!” “Oh, wait a minute, OMG, there’s a terrorist under my bed!” “The terrorists are going to get me!!” (Thanks to Travis Holte)

UPDATE from Paul Aubert:

So, some Cessna which is clearly just off course causes the paranoid security state to kick into high gear within seconds, but when four commercial airliners were clearly hijacked, no fighters were scrambled. It makes perfect sense.

In my work, a CEO of a company with its own prop plane told me a story about dealing with the state security apparatus. They accidentally clipped restricted air space over the Crawford ranch and within minutes had a fighter on either side. They were forced to land and taken to some kind of empty hangar somewhere where they were grilled for hours by the FBI, CIA, and military intelligence. All for accidentally flying over a ranch.

9:03 am on November 23, 2010