A Bold, New Proposal

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I grow weary of people accusing us libertarian/anarchist types of having no practical suggestions to deal with world problems.  Becky has pointed out how the corruption of language helps to produce a corruption in thinking. I have a perfect response to the problems raised by the PC/feminist factions. It was my suggestion, years ago, that the “Equal Rights Amendment” debate required a change in wording. Any reference to “person” or use of the word “amendment” is inherently sexist. The word “person” breaks down into “per” and “son,” and a “son” is a male child. Thus, the word “person” should be changed to the gender neutral “perpeople.” The word “amendment” suffers from the same problem: “a-MEN-dMENt,” has TWO references to males. Thus, this word needs to be changed to “apeopledpeoplet.” With such changes, we would be left with the proposition that “all perpeople would be protected by the Equal Rights Perpeopledpeoplet.”

Do you suppose that Rachel Maddow would help popular such changes?

10:46 am on August 3, 2012