A Backhanded Compliment

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Here is a funny quote from Dave Weigel at Slate, who should still  be blogging at WaPo (if not ReSo):

[A] ton of libertarians, centered around Rockwell’s Ludwig von Mises Institute, think that the Kochs are corporate shills who make fatal bargains with the state. When I talked to Rockwell about the Kochs last summer,* he was crystal clear on this: The Kochs are oligarchs, rent-seekers who only want to attack the state to benefit their interests. And Rockwell et al, indeed, are probably the most energetic libertarian opponents of the Homeland Security state on the planet….
*I was writing a story about the Kochs that was left unfinished, sadly.

Thanks to Becky Akers.

1:32 pm on December 3, 2010