Resuscitating the Cadaver of Blair’s Failed Character

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It must be rather embarrassing for serious policymakers working to achieve peace in the Middle East to have Tony Blair’s malignant carcass dragged in to pose as their comrade in arms, but today the Spectator gives it a go. If the author were serious about policy “and” character, he should have suggested that Blair butt out of the world stage and go clean toilets at Toynbee Hall in East London, the way John Profumo did for forty years after his affair with a Soviet “swallow.”

The author’s contemptible smirk that Blair’s critics are anti-Semites can be forgiven, perhaps, given that a Blair intern must have written this treacle (come on, “boarders of Israel”?), but it still reeks of desperation. Isn’t it interesting that Blair had to go all the way to Australia to find someone to sign it?

The record is clear: Tony Blair is corrupt. He wanted to be the first president of the European Union. He wanted to make tens of millions of dollars. He wanted to be a hero on Iraq (“History will vindicate us,” he crowed in 2003) and wanted Bush to celebrate him as another Churchill.

Poor Tony. History has had the last word: He is a conniving, preening, superficial sellout who destroyed his country in his efforts to enrich himself and to advance his career into the glitterati stratosphere.

Instead, he belongs in the East End. Where he should pray that they might let him in.

7:06 am on September 26, 2011