re: Adding Insult to Injury

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Michael, perhaps Dana Rohrabacher might have had something else in mind when he suggested that Iraqis pay the U.S. back for liberating their country from Saddam the Madman.

Last fall, Rohrabacher sent out a Tweet observing that Bush, no “class act,” had “destroyed the GOP.” Of course, Bush had destroyed Iraq as well, as Rohrabacher could well see, since he made his comment after a visit to Maliki in Baghdad last week.

Rohrabacher has s sense of humor. Since the Bush-ites had predicted “cheap oil for fifty years” with “victory” in Iraq, and Bush had promised Tim Russert a thriving, secular government there (Chalabi told him so, right in the Oval Office!), perhaps the congressman was merely mocking Bush and the entire Rump of the party that still supports him along with the neocons who helped destroy Iraq and America and then consecrated Obama as the “born-again neocon” prophet.

Of course, Maliki is their clueless puppet. He will never let U.S. troops leave Iraq, lest he go the way of Mubarak, or maybe even Ceausescu.

10:20 am on June 13, 2011