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I am always reminded, when such a horror happens, that the US (and other states) maintain vast scientific establishments—the one in the US headquartered at Ft. Detrick, MD—dedicated to designing unstoppable diseases for use against  people they hate. This new strain of E. Coli is undoubtedly “natural,” but given the killer disease called government, one can never be entirely sure.

UPDATE from a friend:

About 25 years ago I took my father to visit an old friend of his.  Both men were WWII vets who went to medical school together in the late 40’s.  I recall the other gentleman saying he had become a staunch anti-war activist after his years working in a military biological warfare section.  He said he was so horrified at the dangerous pathogens being developed there he was compelled to oppose all wars lest they should be used.  Of course, governments don’t need wars to kill people by all sorts of means, do they?

UPDATE from Chris Sullivan:

A few years ago I was doing a job at the CDC for a week or two. I mentioned to a guy that I didn’t like working over there because I felt crummy from being around there, but that it was probably psychological. He said that he lived on Michael St. (near the CDC and Emory) a few years before, and on two separate occasions people came to his door wearing gas masks and inquiring if everybody in the house felt OK. They assured him that there was nothing wrong and went away. I guess they were just concerned about air quality.

10:51 am on June 2, 2011