re: Julian Assange Deserves the Nobel Peace Prize

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Lew, Junior Cheney  demanded today on Fox News that Big Brother shut Wikileaks down.

She  reminds me of Ken Burton. He’s the Columbia, Missouri Police Chief whose jackbooted thugs shot up a house with kids in it, killed the dogs and terrorized the family. “Chief” Swatter Burton did not apologize. Instead, he exercised his right to remain silent, dragged his feet for weeks, but was finally forced to follow the law (apparently a novelty for Missouri  “law enforcement”). He then  released the incriminating video of his goons — which has now been viewed by over 1.3 million Youtube visitors.

The interesting detail for me is,  did Chief Swatter Burton ever apologize? No. He just said, “I hate the Internet.”

Translated: like Liz Cheney, Swatter Burton hates the truth.

Two of the “Twelve Steps” of Alcoholics Anonymous require that the alcoholic apologize to everyone he or she has ever hurt, and then that he or she  make restitution to them.

Can anyone imagine a politician doing that? Or a rogue cop?

12:48 pm on August 1, 2010