The Worst Rise to the Top, Continued

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Right on, Lew, Gordon Brown is cashing in, right on schedule. Tony Blair got his $30 Million, and acted like the Mad Hatter when his dirty little secret was revealed. The lying, rapacious (but I repeat myself) Gordon Brown has been shilling for U.S. trillions for over a year. Way back in March 2009 he made a pitch (to The One, of course) to run (and ruin) the world on a grand scale virtually unknown to criminals of an earlier age:

“The prime minister will borrow from the rhetoric of Franklin Roosevelt, who introduced the government-financed New Deal to tackle the US Depression of the 1930s. He will argue that his 21st century “global new deal” will also require public spending on a huge world-wide scale.

“Writing in The Sunday Times today, Brown calls for ‘universal action to prevent the crisis spreading, to stimulate the global economy and to help reduce the severity and length of the global recession.’ His stress on continued economic ‘stimulation’ will increase speculation about next month’s budget. No 10 sources said that, while no final decision had been taken about further tax cuts, the prime minister would do ‘whatever it took” to pull the UK out of recession.’

The Brits have thrown Brown out on his ear. It’s only natural (via Hayek) that the worst should rise to the top. “Without justice,” says Augustine, “What is the state but a band of robbers?” Brown has finally arrived — breathing a sigh of relief, no doubt — at the pinnacle of scum.

2:09 pm on May 17, 2010