A Decade Of Non-Accountability

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The furor over the Detroit Underwear Bomber reminds me of the clerical abuse scandals that erupted in the Catholic Church in 2001, starting in Boston and quickly spreading throughout the country. After the bad publicity (yes, that was the motivation – the bishops had known about the abuse for years and had covered it up), those who were responsible did not resign in disgrace (and neither will Secretary Napolitano). Instead, they blamed the victims and their families and the rest of the people in the pews.

Suddenly, millions of Catholic parents had to be fingerprinted and undergo criminal background checks. Catholic schoolchildren had to learn about sex at age five, while those bishops responsible for aiding, abetting, and enabling abusers circled the wagons and, with one exception — Boston’s Cardinal Law —  remained in power in chanceries all over the country, spending billions of our money to keep the lid on their role in the cover-ups.

In like fashion, Obama will now use his own malfeasance as a pretext to put more onerous burdens on the flying public. Those TSA “Feelers” who grope our young daughter prior to boarding will now be joined by “Oglers” who will grin and gloat over all the full-body scans. And Washington will cheer at the new level of debasement that it has imposed on its helpless subjects, as it taxes us even more to pay for our “safety.”

I always ask stupid questions of TSA agents to make them talk to me. Rarely have I found one who does not speak English with a thick foreign accent. Hmmmm…. Is that a prerequisite for hiring, I wonder? As for the “Feelers” and the “Oglers,” I wonder how often they go to Confession.

10:18 am on December 30, 2009