Who’s the Stooge?

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V.D. (“Very Deluded”) Hanson is at it again, this time railing against the “stooges” who are thumbing their collective nose at the United States.

Old news. But then Hanson takes an unusual turn towards reality. “Iran, Libya and Venezuela (the home of V.D.’s Three Stooges) are all larger petroleum exporters.” V.D. scratches his head. Gee. “Our enemies have cash; we don’t. The United States is running a projected $2 trillion annual deficit, while adding to an existing $11 trillion national debt.”

This is classic (and V.D. is a classics prof). For the past eight years, Hanson has been among the most ardent cheerleaders for the disastrous wars that (among other collateral damage) increased that national debt by several trillions (not to mention the incurred future liabilities). He grouses about the cash of our “enemies,” but not about the billions garnered from the wars by his fellow-travelers in the military-defense-industry-neoconservative complex. His “enemies” get cash from selling a commodity. Hanson’s pals got rich by selling war.

“Both Russia and China understand that most of the world’s renegade regimes hate us more than they do them, and that America is divided at home, broke and hungry for oil.” How did that happen, V.D.?  Who got us there? Who’s the real stooge?

10:37 am on October 1, 2009