“Help Wanted” On The Goon Squad

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As one whose white van (Vanna White) used to sport a “support your local police” bumper sticker, William Grigg’s recent post caught my eye. On examination, the lawbreaking by the law (or do I repeat myself?) in Crivitz, Wisconsin, apparently received an official seal of approval from one Allen Brey, District Attorney. There is an interesting footnote to this fisaco.

According to the Green Bay Press Gazette, Mr. Brey was just elected to his first term as County District attorney, where he had served as an assistant before the 2008 election. He now earns $105,069 a year. According to the Press Gazette, his major campaign plank demanded more lawyers for his overworked staff. Now, barely six months into the job, Brey apparently wastes his time (precious in his own judgment) advising the police to break several laws. In spite of these actions, he will be able to bill (or bilk) the taxpayer for $365,000 more before he comes up for re-election in 2012.

By the way, according to the State of Wisconsin Department of Administration website, there is a job opening for an assistant district attorney in Brey’s office. In this disastrous job market, when lawyers in the Seventh Circuit states of Indiana, Illinois, and Wisconsin are losing their jobs left and right – some even driven to suicide — it appears that none of them wants to work for Brey. Could it be that some people think they’d rather die than work for him?

I am shocked, shocked! that the poor fellow can’t find any assistants to help him condone breaking the law on the job. In the meantime, apparently we don’t have to go southward to Cook County, Illinois to find lawyers to whom that practice comes with such insouciant ease.

12:09 pm on July 12, 2009