22,000 Students Are Trying to Make Guns Legal on Campus

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NPR reports on a student movement that began the day after the horrifying mass shooting at Virginia Tech one year ago… “We’re pushing universities to allow law-abiding citizen to carry guns on college campuses, just as you would into malls and movie theaters.”

Though the instincts are right, there is clearly some ethical confusion: “I believed that my right to self-defense was being infringed on college campuses”. There is no distinction made here between not being able to carry a concealed weapon “because of state or school policy”. These are two very different problems.

Blanket state mandates are unjust (though states that are regulating state college campuses are in that libertarian gray zone), whereas school policies may simply be unwise. The laws should be eliminated (and should certainly not be replaced with mandates that all campuses, public or private, MUST allow concealed carry).

The school policies, on the other hand, do not violate anyone’s rights. I may disallow concealed carry in my home. So also may a university disallow concealed carry on its grounds. The policies may certainly be challenged through persuasion… And if they can’t be changed, students should strongly consider the option of “exit” from campuses that refuse to allow them to defend themselves from murderous maniacs like Seung-Hui Cho.

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12:07 am on April 4, 2008