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That is the number of Southern Baptist chaplains serving in the military worldwide, according to this article. The article is about the challenges the chaplains face in light of the sweeping changes that have taken place this year:

Recent months have brought challenges on many fronts as chaplains face navigating their ministry in light of the military’s repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” the U.S. Supreme Court’s abolishment of the Defense of Marriage Act and other religious freedom issues facing chaplains and members of the military.

The decisions and changes mean chaplains might be asked to perform marriages for same-sex couples as well as counseling, marriage retreats and funerals. There are also concerns about whether military chaplains will be able to quote certain Scripture passages without facing disciplinary action for offending homosexuals.

Too bad that none of these chaplains are concerned about being in the military in the first place or asking God to bless and protect the troops as they maim and kill in unjust wars and unnecessary military interventions.

5:42 pm on August 13, 2013