Who votes for Senator Graham?

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In response the question of what sort of person supports Lindsey Graham:

One resident of Spartanburg, SC writes:

In a word: MILITARISTS. Those are the kinds of people here in the Palmetto State who keep electing the smarmy, morally disadvantaged cretin Lindsey Graham to the Senate. There is a worship of all things military here to just beat the band. The Boiling Springs CHRISTMAS PARADE, of all things, was festooned with tanks, humvees, troops in uniform and varied massive weaponry to celebrate the Prince of Peace on his special day. .. “It’s ‘tradition’ here in the south”, this northern transplant was told, upon asking why there was such a big show of military force on Christmas.

Weasels like Mr. “You don’t GET a lawyer” Graham capitalize quite nicely on ‘tradition’.

11:19 am on March 7, 2013