Socialists on the Seas

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David and Lew, your discussion of Noam’s homes — elitist digs for capitalist-haters — reminds me of a visit I made to a North Carolina yacht manufacturer some 25 years ago with a classmate of mine. He used his to set records sailing around the world — his family was his only crew. However, his craft also caught the eye of a wealthy socialist, who had a boat made to the exact specs of my classmate’s.

That socialist was Walter Cronkite. Did he sail around the world? Did he have any sailing skills at all? Well, draw your own conclusions: In the space below deck where my friend had installed an emergency backup engine,Cronkite ordered a bunk installed for his captain.

Ah, the Peoples Paradise and its advocates! How they love the poor!

9:37 am on November 21, 2012