Blair’s Mistake Makes Him Millions

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Now that Tony Blair has made his millions, Britain’s ambassador to Afghanistan admits that the Iraq War was a mistake.

“History will vindicate us,” Tony bellowed, standing next to the beaming Bush.

Now Blair is disgraced. Bush is in hiding, and no Republican dare mention his name (except for Ron Paul, of course).  Iraq is approaching tyranny, and Santorum, Gingrich, Romney, and Obama are salivating for new wars.

I recall Sherlock Homes, who once told Watson that “when I say I find you instructive, Watson, I mean I learn from your mistakes.”

Does that mean that our war-lusting foreign policy establishment doesn’t realize its mistakes? Far from it. They know they’re dead wrong; they know they’ve killed hundreds of thousands, needlessly. But they “earn” from their mistakes — Major League, Big Time. Millions. Billions, in a few cases (witness the huge planeloads of US Taxpayer $100 bills lost on the tarmac in Iraq — billions of dollars, evaporated into the desert night).

Consider: The wars have cost, on the low side, a trillion dollars. Assume that the graft is only one percent. That’s $10 billion dollars right there. More likely, it’s closer to ten percent. And $100 billion dollars can make a lot of lobbyists, contractors, spies, Pentagon suppliers, drug kingpins, NGOs — not to mention lovers of power — it can make them all love war, and advocate it in the name of the emptiest abstraction in history: democracy.

5:53 pm on March 10, 2012