British Balderdash

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The Weekly Standard complains that the collapse of British imperialism threatens its hold on the Malvinas Islands off the coast of Argentina.

As usual, British “principle” boils down to money β€” in this case, oil. But wait, there’s more: We recall that Prime Minister Thatcher threatened to use nuclear weapons against Argentina in 1982. One wonders, why threaten a nuclear holocaust, when the celebrated “Iron Lady” had placidly and peacefully returned British colonies in Hong Kong and Rhodesia to communist regimes?

Alas, the hatred lies deeper. For the Brits, communists were merely the competition. Catholics are the enemy β€” and so, in its death throes, England tenaciously holds on to her colonies in Catholic countries: Northern Ireland, Gibraltar, and Argentina.

There’s a joke about Irish Alzheimer’s β€” you forget everything but the grudges. As Britain sinks into the mire, it forgets everything but its blind, ancient hatred.

11:15 am on January 30, 2012